What “Guru’s” Teach First

It’s wrong!  It set me back huge amounts of money and time, because I listened and tried to follow the advice.

After purchasing a high ticket coaching program from a well known internet marketer, I had a session or two on the phone with<!–more–> his “assistant” who kept pushing me to choose a niche that I was passionate about.  He asked me about my interests and we talked about a number of them

Long story short – I never got started – could not find something I could pursue as a “theme” for my major business venture.  The training had group sessions, but quickly went past niche selection, assuming everyone had done that.  I followed the parts of the training about acquiring a domain, hosting, autoresponder, and other basics, but while purchasing all of them (many domains since I could not settle on a niche), I was nowhere and did the shiny object thing, purchasing many products, not completing any and filling up my hard drive and using my time on many false starts.

Here’s what to do:

Select a niche, there are references on this website where you can get some tips on how to do this (and you don’t have to make this a final commitment – the important thing is to get started – take action).

Join and follow a program – no need to spend big bucks here, the important thing is to start one and most of all, complete it.  Ignore all sales promotions while doing this.  You’ll find some under products on this website, yes I get a commission should you make the small purchase, but it does not affect your price and all are low cost.  There are none shown that do not get my approval and that I have not reviewed or purchased myself.

Yes, buy a domain name related to your niche  (one domain registrar I can recommend is Namecheap) and get an inexpensive hosting package to start (one I like and use is D9 Solutions).  Get an autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse – I can recommend both.

Then, most important, I repeat – complete the program.  You will be rewarded more for having done this than any other method.

I am behind you and can be reached easily and will always provide you with a personal reply.

Here’s to your success and I look forward to talking with you.

Lee Parratt