The Game Changer

One of, if not *the* reason given the most for not achieving goals is because it’s ‘not my fault,’ or there’s a big list of ‘yes, but if only this,’ of ‘if only that!’ Basically, someone or something else’s fault.

It might be the economy, the government, your friends, your family, your background, your skin color, your race, your sexuality, your gender, etc, etc.

Well, the one thing glaringly missing from that list is…YOU!

Yes, those reasons mentioned might indeed be barriers for a lot of people, to pretend they don’t exist would be naïve, but others have achieved great things despite those barriers, so looking at YOU as a reason really should be taking center stage.

If you look around you right now, as you read this, the circumstances around you are the result of choices you’ve made. That’s right, choices *you* made. Thoughts you had, actions you took, choices you made.

Once you accept this, it can be a sea change moment, because once you understand that your previous choices shaped your present, you understand equally that your future will be shaped by, yes you guessed it, your choices!

That is the game changer I talk about, because you then know that different choices will lead to different actions, which will lead to different results – the results you actually want!

That means you can take control of your outcomes, you can grab the steering wheel of your life rather than blaming it all on others.

It’s also important to stop blaming yourself. Yes, it can be a shock to take ownership of your current circumstances, to take the responsibility, and it might feel like you need to come down hard on yourself, since you are putting all the blame at your own door – well, it’s important you don’t blame yourself!

Wait a minute, am I contradicting myself here? On the one hand I’m saying you need to accept where the responsibility really lies, but on the other I’m saying you shouldn’t blame yourself?

Yes, that is what I’m saying, but the critical point is that this concept is all about ‘acceptance’. Accepting responsibility is not the same as playing the blame game.

It’s not about saying ‘oh it’s all my fault, so I must be useless, I’ll never get anywhere, I might as well give up!’

Never think like that!

That’s the opposite of what it’s about. The blame game is playing the negative, whereas I’m all about playing the positive, which is that understanding and taking responsibility for the past means you now know you are taking it on for your future too!

That’s exciting, because it means that what you want in life shifts from being unattainable because of others, to being attainable because of you.

That’s why I call it a game changer, and I hope you agree!