Ten Clever & Proven Micro-Models… 
(That you can replicate or adapt)
…And Can Start With $0 – $100* And Some Elbow Grease 
(*Except one)

OR Use As Inspiration/Structure for your OWN Model or Business..

Here are ten clever (and I think very interesting) micro-models.
Most of them aren’t mine. Most are online based. A couple are offline based but ALL of them are PROVEN to work.
These micro-models aren’t just theory though. In this publication I present them as actual case studies that show how the operators run the model, the strategies they put in place and the results they got.
Some of them are models I’ve actually used myself, some that my clients have used, some I’ve learned about them from friends in the business, and some have come across my desk in other weird and wonderful ways.
They’re NOT the average sort of thing you see in the internet marketing world – they’re clever, sometimes sneaky, usually breathtakingly simple and ALL of them work.
These case-studies cover everything from affiliate marketing to hands-free (as much as that is possible) automated systems that just need maintaining once set up.
They’re complete too – and while each model is just an overview, not a step by step of how it works, I DO cover each one from end to end – from beak to tail. 
Most can be started with $0 – $100 (except for the first one which takes a little more) and most of them can be scaled up.
Why are Micro-Models and case-studies so important?

Personally I’m good with ideas – I have a big thick ideas book that IN constantly write my thoughts and business ideas in. I spend at least an hour a day just thinking about my business and coming up with new ideas…

…yet I STILL get more ideas from case studies and reading what other people are doing!
There’s no getting around the fact that human beings get too distracted to sit and think in the modern world – just try shutting off your phone and apps and letting your mind go free. It’s not easy.
But what IS easier is reading and gaining inspiration and insight from what other business people are successfully doing.
From seeing that initial idea it’s then easy for us to see how a few small ‘tweaks’ and changes could make it slip smoothly into our own business or online activities.
Ever better these models are PROVEN to work so we don’t have the same doubt we might have about our own whimsical ideas.
Case studies are not only invaluable to US as business people, they’re also fast, easy to follow and immensely saleable to our customers too.
I’ve always loved case studies and seen the value in them which is why I’m sharing these ten models today.

So what sort of models ARE these?
Model #1 exploits a typical internet marketer ‘professionalism weakness’ and shares how it’s possible to wait and watch while they create a market for YOUR product and then you step in and make a killing from the inherent ‘weakness’ of their product and after service.
This is the only model that takes more than $100 to set up. It’s worth it though.
Model #2 is a mostly offline ‘middleman’ model (ironically the case study is a woman) where she makes a modest (but welcome) $250-$500 a week by merging the concepts of online and offline marketing
Model #3 is a way of concentrating a certain income method into just a few days a MONTH, on your own terms and to fit in with your own schedule and lifestyle (this is one of may favourites)
Model #4 is probably THE favourite method of mine because as a writer I understand that if you show me an unlimited supply of source content, I can turn an unlimited profit. This model is exactly that.
Model #5 is the perfect example of how to turn something you give away for free into a very nice respectable stream (in the case of the person in this case study it’s $10,000 a month). This is one for people who don’t like actively selling too much
Model #6 is a $4,000 a month offline case study from someone who has NEVER done this before. She saw a weakness that she thought offline marketers had (I wasn’t too sure myself) but she proved me wrong and made this work
Model #7 is just a cracking example of how to use a certain platform that will be familiar to many online businesses in the way it was intended to be used (not in the way I do to be honest) and the chap in this case study proves it by creating a $2,000 – $3,000 a month income stream from it in multiple niches.
Model #8 is another favourite of mine. I’ve written about similar in the past and there’s no doubt in my mind that this simple but little-used model is one that can be operated by anyone who enjoys writing at any level. The chap in the case study makes around $5,000 a month from this.
Model #9 is something you’ve all experienced as a consumer or customer and it’s simple and obvious. But wait until you see some of the tweaks you can make to this model (that very few internet marketers use) that can bring really ramp up the income.
Model #10 is the final model. It’s short and sweet but it deals with getting cash injections fast when you need them. The technique really needs some infrastructure to be in place to start with, but if you’re not there yet, use one of the first 9 models then put number 10 into action to see how powerful it is.
Potentially any one of these studies could be the basis for your business

Personally I think each one of the micro-models is worth the price of this publication alone, and if one of them becomes the basis for a micro-model income stream of your OWN, well it becomes priceless in terms of profit and lifestyle.

if you’re struggling for ideas then this could be the starting block you need

Case-studies are all things to all people.

I’ve seen people exactly replicate micro-models like these and never look back. 
I’ve also seen people who have been inspired by case-studies and I expected them to replicate the model exactly too…
…but instead they come back with a totally new and unique idea that to me looks nothing like the original, yet it inspired them so much and provided that ‘gold dust’ spark of an idea that started them out upon a whole new business!

And that’s ALSO the reason why I think models like this won’t saturate.
Many of them can be done in your local area or your own particular online niche.
And ALL of them can be operated with your own individual spin on the concept, so that in effect the model YOU create from these ideas will be unique to you.
Even if you copy them exactly, I reckon some of these micro-models are so different that very relatively few people will be operating them as compared to ‘normal’ small business models.
whether you’re looking for a bolt-on income stream, a new business model or anything in between…
I can’t tell you that these micro-models will change your life.
But I CAN tell you that once you’ve read this publication your mind will have been opened just a little wider, to possibilities that you hadn’t realised were out there.
These aren’t magic spells – there is work required to turn them into profitable endeavours, but that is EXACTLY what every one of the people in these case studies has done.
And there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same…


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